Developing quality learning materials that promote effective learning does not happen by chance. It requires careful planning, monitoring and evaluation of all course components, including the learning materials. As part of the materials development process we can set up quality assurance processes that ensure quality materials have been developed. This will include appropriate planning, internal and external critical review, ethical and copyright clearances, and editing. Feedback from users – learners and tutors alike – about the usefulness of the materials in supporting learning is essential.

The design phase and the development phase of systematic training planning often overlap. During the design phase or development phase, the various training activities must be selected, for example, to be instructor-led, computer-based, Web-based, self-directed, interactive or multi-media. The development phase of systematic training often includes selecting the most appropriate media and materials, for example, developing audio-visuals, graphics, manuals, preparing any needed facilities, and piloting course content to ensure it is understandable. Often the design and development phases are highly integrated. The design of the training is often piloted, or initially tested, during the development phase to ensure the content is understandable and applicable to the learners.

Very Cool Ideas offer customised learning materials development for clients. Why not contact us for your next training manual or course.

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