Developing  Learning Material
(1) Identification of problem and need
(2) Analysis of the problem
a. Resistance pattern/KAP
(3) Analysis of the problem
a. Identification of need and motivating
b. Persuasion tactics
(4) Objective setting
(5) Selection of the topics
(6) Format selection
(7) Content arrangement
a. Script visual
(8) Editing
(9) Testing
(10) Revision


Ways to Develop Simple Learning Materials

Against this background on meaning, rationale and
clarity of learning material the topic elaborates on a
few tips for using different forms of possible
communication format to facilitate learning in the
communities. If a facilitator/material developer does
not have the skills to develop learning material, there
is always the possibility of using talent of different
caliber available in the teaching and learning
environment. In most communities there is always
some natural talent in expressing feelings through
song, the spoken word or symbolic visual forms. A
good facilitator can always use such talent as a
resource for devising learning material that suits the

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