Disaster Management Act, 2002 Regulations Issued In Terms Of Section 27(2) Of The Disaster Management Act, 2002 – Annexure E Workplace Plans Regulation 16(6) (B)

A COVID-ready Workplace Plan must be developed prior to the reopening of an enterprise employing persons or serving the public.

Workplace Plan as at 4 May 2020 (Revised on 1 June, 2020)

# Action item Action to be taken
1. The date the business will open and the hours of opening Offices to be open as of 5th May 2020, Monday to Friday, 09H00 – 15H30 only
2. The timetable setting out the phased return-to-work of employees, to enable appropriate measures to be taken to avoid and reduce the spread of the virus in the workplace
  • Phase 1 of return-to-work:
    • The following staff will return to work on the 5th May, 2020: Babalwa Njobeni, Ntombi Njobeni and Lerato Maluleke
  • Phase 2 of return-to-work
    • Two of the three remaining staff members (C. Courtois and K. Dry-Courtois) to return to work on the 1 June, under LockDown Level 3
3. The steps taken to get the workplace COVID -19 ready
  1. Permits will be issued to staff
  2. The company OHS Policies and procedures have been updated
  3. A new Resuming Work Policy has been developed
  4. Covid-19 awareness/information posters have been put up in the offices
  5. All of the required health and safety items and personal protective equipment (PPE) has been purchased and will be distributed to staff i.e. masks and face screens, sanitizers with 70% alcohol, paper towels, thermometers etc. as required
  6. Infra-red thermometer has been provided to test the temperature of staff on arrival at the office every day, and to check temperature of every visitor to the office
  7. Detailed instructions have been created and will be provided to staff. Accompanying training videos have been created for staff which provides them with details on how to use the above equipment
  8. All staff to be trained on how to complete the daily attendance registers, temperature control document and the visitors register
  9. Deep cleaning of the offices and waste disposal have been done on the 4th May, 2020
4. A list of staff who can work from home currently: staff who are 60 years or older; and staff with comorbidities who will be required to stay at home or work from home The staff to work from home currently, are:

  1. Sharon Flynn (over 60 years)


5. Arrangements for staff in the establishment
5a Sanitary and social distancing measures and facilities at the entrance and exit to the workplace
  1. Signs have been placed at the entrance/exit points regarding the required wearing of masks and Social Distancing.
  2. Training videos have been created and shared with staff regarding the sanitation, social distancing, and the use of the PPE.
5b Screening facilities and systems
5c The attendance-record system and infrastructure A daily attendance register has been created for each staff member, detailing the date, a health check, their body temperature and signature.
5d The work area of employees
  1. The staff members sit in separate offices and have been informed of sanitising their work areas by way of policies, posters and training videos.
  2. Each staff member has been given a bottle of sanitiser and a cloth for their workstation.
5e Any designated area where visitors are checked / or the public is served A table has been placed at the entrance. This table has an infra-red thermometer, a spray-bottle of sanitizing liquid, paper towels and a register for recording temperature and for tracing purposes.
5f Canteen and bathroom facilities
  1. Paper towels and soap have been placed in the restrooms
  2. Training videos have been created and shared with staff regarding the sanitation, social distancing, and the use of the PPE
5g Testing facilities (for establishments with more than 500 employees) Not applicable
5h Staff rotational arrangements (for establishments where fewer than 100% of employees will be permitted to work) Refer to points 2 and 4
6. Arrangements for customers or members of the public, including sanitation and social distancing measures The company website and e-mail electronic signatures have been updated to advise our learners/clients that they may visit the offices by appointment only, and that they will need to: declare any possible COVID 19 symptoms, wear a mask and informing them that their temperatures will be taken and recorded, and their hands will be sanitised upon entry.

End of document.

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