This letter confirms that Litha Pharma has been using the services of VeryCoolldeas! since October 2012, including:

  • Scoping, designing, developing and implementing (end-to-end) of the Litha Learning Academy as a CHI ETA-accredited Provider of the National Certificate SAQA 10: 63969 (Pharmaceutical Sales Representation) – provisional accreditation was granted by CHIETA in August 2014
  • Training of the Litha Head of Training towards obtaining the National Diploma in Educ, Trg & Dev (ETD Practices)- achieved in February 2014
  • Training Litha Sales Managers in the National Certificate (ETDP) modules of Coaching/Mentoring and Assessing – successfully obtained the Unit Standards for Coach/Mentor and Assessor in October 2013; now CHIETA registered Assessors

VCI have demonstrated a level of professionalism I have personally never encountered before in my 30+ years in the Pharma industry. Operationally they are extremely wellstructured and organised, and as subject matter experts in ETD, they are at the top of their field. They have significantly elevated the status of the Training Unit within Lith a Pharma, and their input will realise us many benefits in the years to come. I would be more than willing to answer any queries concerning my and Litha’s experience with VCI.

David Tucker
Head of Training Litha Pharma

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