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National Certificate in OD-ETD
Education, Training and Development (ETD) is a priority area within the South African context and is supported by legislation, national policies and strategies. In order to meet the ETD requirements of the workplace, within the context of a quality assured environment and processes, it is important to be able to identify and recognise competent ETD practitioners at various levels. In particular, all training fields require the services of those ETD practitioners who not only have a broad understanding and skills across all ETD roles, but with deeper skills in relation to a selection of several key ETD roles. Such practitioners will be able to provide leadership and management in relation to ETD practices, while providing specialist skills in key areas. This qualification provides learners who are competent in the general aspects of five key ETD roles, in a generalist capacity, with particular application possible in at least one role.

The Diploma in OD ETD Practice is designed to equip practitioners
with sound theoretical and practical competence in a selection of
key ETD roles, enabling them to fulfil the required legal and
management roles in the ETD function within the organisation.
The qualification equips learners with advanced skills that enable
the effective overall management and functioning of the learning
environment aligned to legal, SETA and qualification framework

• Design and develop learning programmes and processes
• Facilitate and evaluate learning
• Engage in and promote assessment practices
• Provide learning support to learners and organizations
• Conduct skills development facilitation
• Develop standards and qualifications
• Manage and administer education training and development
• Engage in general management activities
Who should attend?
The programme is for experienced ETD practitioners
Seeking to progress to the higher management levels in
the ETD
Environment or existing ETD managers who
wish to obtain a deeper and recognised competence
that will support personal performance and possible
promotion opportunities within an organisation.

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