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Here are our top tips for choosing the perfect course for you...
What are you really interested in?
This is not necessarily what are you good at, but what do you love doing? You might be great at maths, but you spend your weekends fixing up bits of old computers. So don’t study maths, focus on an IT or computer course instead. Specialise in your passion, and learn more about it from the world’s best teachers.
It’s really important to think about why you are interested in this course. Is it because you can see your exciting, glittering career ahead? Or is it because it’s what your parents want? By questioning yourself now, you can work out the exact path you want your choice to take you on.
Where would you like to study?

There are really two parts to this. Where is the best country to specialise in this subject area? Maybe it’s a country with plenty of internship and graduate work opportunities in that industry, or a city that has access to specific resources. If you’re interested in marine biology, why not head straight to the world’s largest coral reef in Australia and learn right at the source?

It’s also a good idea to ask yourself: where in the world would you love to live for a few years? This is an opportunity to learn a new language or adopt a new culture, make amazing friends, and experience a very different way of life. And if you’re happy in your life, you’ll be happy in your study.

Take a reality check
Now that you have found your dream, let’s just stop a minute and make sure it’s realistic. Can you afford the flights, tuition and cost of living? Do you need to have certain qualifications first – English language proficiency, GMAT scores? Don’t get discouraged – a pathway program may be all you need to cross those hurdles.
Do your homework
You need to narrow down all your options to about five real, practical choices. Read student blogs to see what it’s really like. Or if you are looking of part time courses look online.
What's important to you?
While you are researching, you’ll come up with all kinds of different criteria to judge a course by. So make a shortlist of the top three features you’re looking for. These could be course ranking or practical experience and internships, cost of tuition, student support services.
How do you like to study?

Some people prefer final exams, others like regular assignments to keep them busy throughout the year. Some like theory, others like practical hands-on application. Some like to work in groups, others like to work individually. Some like to present their assignment verbally, others prefer to create written reports. Choose a course that suits your study style, and you will be more confident in your success. Or, if you want to challenge yourself, choose a course that will take you out of your comfort zone!

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