The below risk assessment has been carried out for the VeryCoolIdeas offices and the training venues;

Risk assessment
# Identified risk Planned points to mitigate the risk (Refer to tables below)
1. Vulnerable employees i.e. those with compromised immune system / over age of 60 / those using public transport Refer to points; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25.

Refer to points; A to H / J, N, P.

2. Visitors to the office i.e. such as learners, delivery company personnel, service providers, security company employees, contract staff Refer to points; 6, 7, 8, 1, 20, 21, 22, 23.

Refer to points; A to T


3. Inadequate office ventilation Refer to points; 14, 16.


4. Viral spread of infection Refer to points; 1 to 7 / 10 to 25.

Refer to points; A to H / J to N / O, Q, R, S, T.

5. Sick employees Refer to points; 13, 19, 25.

With the lockdown moving from level 5 to level 4, VeryCoolIdeas have put together a Resuming of Business Policy, in order to protect, not only, its staff but also the learners attending our training.

The basic Resuming of Business Policy guidelines are as follows:

At our offices

  1. All staff to wear masks when travelling to and from work and sanitise hands when (and after) using public transport.
  2. All staff to disinfect hands when arriving at work.
  3. All staff to have their temperature checked every morning on arrival (using a hand-held, non-contact infrared temperature monitor).
  4. All staff to fill in a symptom checklist on arrival every morning.
  5. All staff to wash hands with soap or disinfect hands, on a regular basis during the day.
  6. All staff to wear masks while at work.
  7. Staff interacting with visitors will be wearing face shields.
  8. All visitors to have their temperature checked, to declare any symptoms and to sign a register (to include name and contact number).
  9. Visitors displaying a higher than normal temperature / and or possible COVID 19 symptoms, will not be allowed into our offices.
  10. Sanitising/disinfecting agents to be made available at all entry points in our offices as well as at individual work stations.
  11. All staff to follow stringent social distancing while at work (staff to be positioned a minimum of 2 metres from each other).
  12. Travelling to other provinces will not be allowed.
  13. All staff and their family, to follow stringent health and social distancing protocols at home, so as to protect themselves from being infected.
  14. Staff who feel ill will be required to stay at home and seek medical help.
  15. Air Conditioning units and heaters will not be allowed to be switched on.
  16. Windows in the office to be kept opened, as much as possible, to facilitate ventilation.
  17. Rubbish bins (including the interior) to be sprayed with disinfectant on a regular basis.
  18. Interior of containers for disposable towels in the toilet areas to be regularly sprayed with disinfectant.
  19. Staff to inform their superior immediately should they develop any symptoms during their time at work.
  20. Visitors entering our offices to wear face masks and declare if they have any COVID 19 symptoms.
  21. We will check the temperature and sanitise the hands of all visitors when they enter our offices.
  22. All documents and files being brought into our offices by visitors will be disinfected.
  23. All deliveries arriving at our offices, via a delivery service, will be disinfected.
  24. All staff to disinfect their work station / work area / computers / keyboards / chairs / office equipment / door knobs as well as common areas (e.g. toilets, kitchen area, printing room, doors, etc), at beginning and end of every working day.
  25. Should one of our staff tests positive for the virus, the office will be disinfected and will be closed for a quarantine period of 14 days and all staff will be working from home, until the quarantine procedures have been followed and it is safe for other staff to return to work.


In the training rooms

  1. Learners to wear masks at all times, when attending training (from time of entry through the front gates).
  2. Upon arrival through the entrance gate, all learners will have their temperature assessed (by means of a portable infra-red temperature monitor); learners with an above-normal temperature reading will not be allowed to attend training.
  3. All learners to fill in a symptom checklist on arrival every morning.

(Learners who do not wish to wear a mask, or have their temperature monitored, or fill-in the symptoms checklist, will not be allowed to attend training).

  1. All staff will be wearing masks (and gloves where appropriate) and will be following the most stringent pandemic protocols, under management supervision.
  2. Training rooms will not accommodate more than the stipulated number of learners under the relevant LockDown Level.
  3. Should the number of learners be larger than the stipulated numbers, we will use more training rooms.
  4. Each learner’s work station will be positioned at a minimum of 1.5 metres apart.
  5. Learners and Facilitator will be provided with protective face shields to wear on top of their face masks.
  6. Sanitising/disinfecting substances will be available at the entrance of each training room, inside each training room, at the entrance of each toilet facility.
  7. Soap and sanitising/disinfecting substances as well as disposable paper towels, will be available at each wash basin in the toilet facilities.
  8. All usual OHS protocol will be strictly followed.
  9. Learners attending training will be responsible for their own personal health protocols and personal sanitising/disinfecting substances and essentials (it will be suggested to learners that they sanitise/disinfect the areas where they are operating, at regular intervals).
  10. Learners will be expected to adhere to all health and protection protocols, from the time that they enter the premises to the time that they exit.
  11. Training rooms, toilet facilities and learners work stations will be disinfected after each training session.
  12. Learners to inform the Facilitator immediately should they develop any symptoms while they are attending training.
  13. It is advisable that potential learners who fall into a ‘high risk’ category do not, at this point and time, attend training.
  14. Learners will not be able to eat lunch in the dining room; instead a ‘lunch pack’ containing the day’s lunch, will be provided to each learner which they will be able to consume at the desk at their work station (which would have been set up already in line with the social distancing protocol) NB: Due to the strict lockdown rules, the ‘lunch pack’ will consist of a light lunch and refreshment. Teas on arrival / mid-morning / mid-afternoon will also be served.  
  15. The kitchen areas and the lunch-tables area will be out of bounds to all learners.
  16. Learners will not be able to congregate anywhere on the premises, due to the stringent social distancing protocols.
  17. The training venue will have all the necessary stringent protocols in place in their kitchen when preparing food and to ensure that the ingredients being used are uncontaminated.

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