APPOINTMENT OF SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FACILITATOR ‐ Every employer must appoint/nominate an employee or any other person who is formally contracted to the employer as a Skills Development Facilitator. ‐ Employees with fewer than 50 employees or with a turnover less than that specified in Schedule 4 to the Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act 55 of 1998) may jointly appoint a Skills Development Facilitator. ‐ The employer must submit to the Seta the name and contact details of the person who is to serve as Skills Development Facilitator. ‐ If the Skills Development Facilitator leaves the employer’s service, the employer must forthwith: o Appoint/nominate a new Skills Development Facilitator; and o Submit the name and contact details of the new facilitator to the Seta via SMS ‐ A Seta may publish criteria for the appointment/nomination of Skills Development Facilitators.


FUNCTIONS TO BE PERFORMED BY THE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FACILITATOR The functions of a Skills Development Facilitator are to: ‐ assist the employer and employees to develop a Workplace Skills Plan which complies with the requirements of the Seta; ‐ submit the Workplace Skills Plan to the relevant Seta; ‐ assist the employer to draft an annual training report on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan which complies with the Seta’s requirements; advise the employer on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan; ‐ ‐ advise the employer on the quality assurance requirements set by the Seta; ‐ ‐ serve as a resource with regard to all aspects of skills development. act as a contact person between the employer and the sector Seta; and The employer must provide the Skills Development Facilitator with the resources, facilities and training necessary to perform the functions.


CONSULTATION WITH EMPLOYEES An employer with more than 50 employees must take reasonable steps to consult and attempt to reach agreement on the appointment/nomination of a Skills Development Facilitator, the Workplace Skills Plan and the Annual Training Report: ‐ with a representative trade union representing members at the workplace and its employees or representatives nominated by them; or ‐ if no representative trade union represents members at the workplace, with its employees or representatives nominated by them. ‐ The employees or their nominated representative with whom an employer consults in terms of sub‐ item (1), taken as a whole, must reflect the interests of employees from across all occupational categories and levels of the employer’s workforce. ‐ Sub‐items (1) and (2) do not apply if an employer and a registered trade union have concluded a collective agreement in terms of section 86(1) of the Labour Relations Act, conferring joint decision‐ making on a workplace forum in respect of the matters contemplated by sub‐item (1).SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FACILITATOR REGISTRATION Registration of Skills Development Facilitators can only be done via our website. Go to, WSP/ATR Info, SDF Registration Info, New SDF Registration ƒ Page 1: Complete all details of SDF & create own username & password. ƒ Page 2: Register the employer(s) this SDF will represent by adding the correct SDL number(s) ƒ Sent Confirmation/Appointment Letter, signed by the letter from employer, confirming SDF appointment.

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