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Find below, feedback from our experience, working with VeryCoolIdeas (VCI).
On a consistent basis, we engage with many vendors. This allows us to compare vendors’ service delivery. Our experience when partnering with VCI has been such a pleasure, in comparison to many other vendors.

Working with Very Cool Ideas (VCI) has been a wonderful experience. They are great partners and have supported us, to breathe life into our vision, and have walked alongside us, as we executed against this vision.

They are responsive, available, and open to our company needs and nuances.

They have delivered an excellent service to us, and we would love to use them again in the future.

They take time to understand our context and they build / adapt their product to meet our specific needs. They understand that ‘bespoke is the new black’ and understand how to customise and deliver ‘fit for purpose’ solutions.

They are knowledgeable, and understand the science behind learning. At the same time, they can apply this science, in a creative and innovative way, which inspires learning.

The most recent project that they have delivered to us is our Team Leader Program, called MOVE. This program was aimed at both Technical and Behavioural skills needed for a Team Leader. The target audience was all Team Leaders in Personal and Business Banking.

With Reference to this Project that we embarked with them, see some detail below:
We approached VCI to assist us to create a Program for Team Leaders covering both the Technical skills and Behavioural competencies required for their role.

VCI deliverables were:

  • Scoping
  • Designing a framework
  • Designing the look and feel of the program
  • Designing and developing the content of the program

This included

  • Facilitator Guide
  • Learner Guide
  • Workplace Activity Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Games and Activities for the Classroom
  • Conducting a 5 day in depth, Train the Trainer (TTT) for all our internal facilitators
  • Updating and amending content after the TTT according to feedback from our facilitators
  • They attended the rollout sessions to experience the program, in practice
  • They were alongside us and supported us, throughout the rollout

The program that they delivered was insightful, colourful, relevant, on point, innovative, and interactive. We have gathered very positive feedback, on the program, from the delegates, line managers in the work, and the facilitators.

Working with VCI on this project has been a wonderful experience. We have experienced VCI as available, agile, innovative and thorough. They deliver very high quality work. In addition to this, they truly understand the science and purpose behind learning, and their outcomes are always aimed at Business Improvement.

VCI service is top notch, and they are such amazing people to work with. If you have interacted with them thus far, you would already have experienced this. We would strongly recommend them as a preferred vendor, of choice. They truly understand, quality, execution and partnership

Mei-lene Els
Gauteng Learning Delivery and Operational Support, Manager

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