A)Supervisor: A first line manager who monitors and regulates employees in their performance of delegated tasks and assignments.
B)Management development: The process where managers learn and improve their skills to benefit the individual as well as the employers.

1) Management Development Programme (MDP)
MDP equips middle managers with the means to become effective team players pursuing the goals of excellence within their own organisations. The principle of life-long learning serves as the foundation for a successful managerial career, and underpins our approach to providing professional management education in line with the philosophy underpinning the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The foundation modules of the MDP are Management Skills Development and Introduction to Information Systems, which are studied concurrently with introductory modules in Management and Business Finance. The foundation modules are designed to ensure that you develop the skills required to build a solid foundation to progress towards more advanced studies.

2) Effective Business Communications
In business and in the workplace, on the domestic front and in our social lives, we all stand to benefit from more effective communication skills. We crave for more fulfilling interpersonal relationships. Preparing effective presentations and business reports are essential job skills. Effectively presenting information, analysis and reports are especially critical for those who work in management positions.

3) Management of Learnership Programmes
Our Management of Learnership Programmes assist learners, employers and providers in addressing the challenges as experienced through the implementation of learnerships. Learnership Performance Programmes assist in the implementation of a learnership that is effective, affordable and efficient. These challenges include:
i. Assessment in the workplace
ii. Formative and Summative assessments
iii. Training gaps
iv. Monitoring and quality assurance of learnerships
v. Evidence collection
vi. Portfolio of Evidence building

4) Accreditation & Consultation Services for Training Providers
The success of any business depends on its ability to develop, synergize and deploy its human capital, i.e. the knowledge, skills, competencies, behaviors and attitudes of its staff, towards building an enduring competitive advantage. Such a strategy demands an unwavering belief in the potential of brainpower as a means to developing a competitive advantage.


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