Today there are more opportunities than ever before to get educated on just about any subject imaginable. These include the plethora of colleges and trade schools, online webinars, online manuals and materials, blogs and much more. In this information age, with access to virtually unlimited information, one could argue that the challenge is in wisely choosing where you want to invest your time and resources. One thing is sure, knowledge is power, and the more knowledgeable that you and your employees have, the more productive and effective you and your organization will be.

As a company who is assisting in educating business owners and their employees, Very Cool Ideas can attest to the fact that far too many fail to take advantage of educational opportunities that could clearly make them better at what they do, and make them far more valuable as an employee or business owner. We’ve all been there. We’ve taken a class, or attended a training session, or webinar, or purchased the book written by the leading experts in the field, but then, we only partially engaged our mind in the process. We only half listened, allowed our mind to wander over the numerous other things we felt were more important at the time. We spent the entire session thinking…”I’ll just get the highlights, and then figure out the details later.”

But let us share something with you. from the perspective of Very Cool Ideas. You are missing a terrific opportunity to make yourself more valuable, to make yourself more money, to make your life easier and less stressful.

We ( Very Cool Ideas ) have been involved in training many of you and/or your staff members. Though a lot of you were excellent students, many failed to fully engage in the learning process, and take full responsibility for learning everything that you could during our time together. I know you realized that later.

The truth is, though we collectively use, the term “training” when describing what we do, that really does not accurately depict what we do. A more accurate description of the “training” that we provide is business process and transition consulting. Most of what we Very Cool “trainers” provide our customers is helping to identifying better business processes that will make you and your staff more efficient and more effective with the regular tasks that you need to accomplish. We help establish ways to better manage the vast information that you are responsible for, so that it is better safeguarded, more accurate, relevant, timely and useful to you.

We can evaluating what works and what doesn’t, and why. We can help you produce a more professional work enviroment for you, your investors, partners, lenders,etc.; financial statements that can be relied upon with confidence in the propriety of the numbers. This ultimately results in improved sources of capital and leverage with which to grow your business.

The professionals at Very Cool Ideas have years of experience in training thus thoroughly qualified to show you how to fully utilize your skills to your advantage.

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