Dear Recipient

It is with great pleasure that I am able to share my experience in working with VeryCoolldeas. I have been working with the team since 2012. Apart from Unitrans utilising VeryCoolldeas’s expertise for training interventions over the years, we have also partnered to develop a Quality Management System for Unitrans.

VeryCoolldeas was able to deliver a comprehensive system in compliance with requirements set by the Education & Training Quality Assurer (ETQA) of the Transport SETA.

More recently, I was eager to find a provider that understood not only the ETQA requirements but
also implicit the need to create more practical, fun and purposeful learning. I am proud to say we have redesigned the standard of train ing for our drivers across South Africa, and soon Africa. The VeryCoolldeas team is professional, adaptable, has requisite expertise in the learn ing and development space as well as an innovative approach to provide business learning solutions irrespective of the industry. As with any project, one needs the right skills to drive the project dead lines and also afford leniencies when warranted. VeryCoolldeas kept focussed and assisted me as well as my teams to ensure we were on track to reach our common goal.

One of the core practices that assists in obtaining buy-in from business is that VeryCoolldeas
understands the need to collaborate within the business to shape the project scope and deliver high quality results within the Learning and Development parameters.

I am certain your journey with this adept team would be a truly rewarding one.

Melanie Naidoo-Padayachee
HRD Manager

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