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Assess Learning: 05 – 07 July, 2021

Skills Development Facilitator: 19 – 22 July, 2021

Facilitate Learning: 12 – 15 July, 2021

Coaching and Mentoring:  28 – 30 June, 2021

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Our Courses

View all of the courses and programmes that we can offer you with additional information about our courses, programmes and workshops.

Training Calendar

Take a look out our upcoming training dates for availability, course selections and costs. All our courses in one place.

New Products

Our New SFE (Sales Force Engagement) Course is now available, click on the more info below for details.

Say it Loud & Proud

VeryCoolIdeas is a fully accredited Training Provider with the ETDP SETA. Accreditation number ETDP – 9984.

VeryCoolIdeas has been independently assessed in terms of BBBEE Strategy and is considered a LEVEL 2 CONTRIBUTOR

Activate your Potential

VeryCoolIdeas offers a wide variety of assessment, moderation, education and training programmes.

These can equip you and your staff with skills that can be immediately used in the workplace.

Cool inside…Cool out

VeryCoolIdeas strives to live the ‘Culture of Cool’. It’s a philosophy that guides and empowers us.

Cool on the inside means clear, calm and collected. Organised. Without chaos and definitely in control.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the excellent service the SA Reserve Bank has received from VeryCoolIdeas. Your training programs were found to exceed our required standards.

Andre Strydom - South African Reserve Bank

Thank you for developing us into what we are today. It was a great experience being under your tutelage. We are looking forward to working with you again.

Ferry Matabane - Gauteng Provincial Government

Would absolutely love to do the OD-ETD diploma. I thoroughly enjoyed the Certificate and if that is anything to go by then the Diploma will definitely be for me.

Natasha Charlton - Standard Bank

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Take a look at who we are why we do what we do.


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