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World TVET Conference 2015

VeryCoolIdeas were privileged to be invited to attend the WORLD TVET Conference 2015, which took place in August, in the beautiful city of Kuching, on the Sarawak River, on Borneo Island, Malaysia.

It was great opportunity for us to attend the conference, because over the last twelve months, we have been more actively involved in vocational training, through the training interventions that we are currently running in Namibia.

In fact, we were very pleased to notice that South Africa has a very good reputation, in terms of ETD in general and that there was a lot of interest from the delegates in how we do things here in good old SA, as far as ETD is concerned.

There was also a lot of interest showed by a number of exhibitors at the conference (those were exhibitors from the southern Asian region that were promoting their fare, at the conference), about ETD in South Africa and how it works.

A number of the exhibitors and sponsors at the conference also asked us to provide them with information about our skills training workshops and programmes, with a view to run these workshops and programmes in Southern Asia.

Interestingly enough, the distinct impression that we were left with, at the end of the conference, is that the ETD field in South Africa is doing well and that we can be proud of where we are, compared to many other countries out there!

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