"The most important qualification for a job is passion. The rest you can learn."

Linda Poindexter

National Diploma in Education, Training and Development, NQF Level 5, 241 credits

The diploma forms part of a talent development pathway for ETD Practitioners within an organisation. It enables ETD Practitioners to move to a training management position fulfilling additional roles such as Skills Development Facilitators, ensuring compliance with legislation and return on investment of learning and development within an organisation.

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National Certificate in Occupationally-Directed Education and Training, NQF Level 5, 132 credits (OD ETD)

The certificate covers the entire Education, Training and Development process: analysing a learning need, identifying a skills gap in your organisation, developing the learning material, presenting the learning programmes, assessing learning, moderation to ensure quality of learning and assessment, workplace mentoring to assist learners in achieving their maximum potential and co-coordinating the learning programmes. In doing this your organisation can ensure full compliance, enjoy a strong return on investment and become empowered.

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