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The certificate covers the entire Education, Training and Development process: analysing a learning need, identifying a skills gap in your organisation, developing the learning material, presenting the learning programmes, assessing learning, moderation to ensure quality of learning and assessment, workplace mentoring to assist learners in achieving their maximum potential and co-coordinating the learning programmes. In doing this your organisation can ensure full compliance, enjoy a strong return on investment and become empowered.

Who should attend…

The National Certificate in OD ETD is a must for:

  • Learning Facilitators
  • Material Researchers and Developers
  • Assessors and Moderators
  • Learners and Learning Supporters (Coaches and Mentors)
  • Skills Development Facilitator
  • Human Resource Practitioner
  • Vocational Facilitator

Boost your career by completing the National Certificate…

‘Learning’ will help you get ahead in your career. The National Certificate in OD ETD enables you to:

  • Practice as a fully qualified education, training, development practitioner
  • Obtain a qualification at NQF level 5, 132 credits, that will enable you to enrol for the National Diploma in OD ETD
  • Be a qualified assessor and moderator
  • Coach and mentor learners
  • Design and develop training materials
  • Design and develop learning interventions and processes
  • Facilitate and evaluate learning • Analyse the training needs of your organisation
  • Analyse the training needs of your organisation
  • Conduct a skills audit on the development needs of you organisation
  • Engage in and promote assessment and moderation practices
  • Provide learning support to learners and organisations
  • Evaluate learning interventions and conduct self evaluation
  • Conduct Skills Development Facilitation
  • Achieve your company’s education, training and development objectives


All our public courses take place at the Oaklands Inn Conference Centre, 236A Oak Avenue, Randburg or at our offices Building 10 Unit 28, Visiomed Office Park, 269 Beyers Naude Drive, Northcliff.

Upon special request, In-house courses can be run over a 4-month period on dates suitable for you. Please note, to take advantage of on-site training a minimum of 10 registered learners is required.

Costs and Dates…

TrainingCost per LearnerJan/Feb 2019Mar 2019Apr 2019May 2019Jun 2019Jul 2019Aug 2019Sep 2019Oct 2019Nov 2019Dec 2019Jan/Feb 2020Mar/Apr 2020May 2020
OD-ETD Certificate *
(1 st Intake)
R 28,462.50 Inclusive of VAT W/shops 1 & 2:
11-14 Feb
W/shop 3:
 W/shops 4 & 8:
13-17 May
W/shop 5:
W/shop 6:
 W/shop 7:
W/shop 9:

OD-ETD Certificate
(2nd Intake)
R 28, 462.50 Inclusive of VATW/shops 1 & 2:
W/shop 3:
 W/shops 4 & 8:
W/shop 5:
27-29 Jan
W/shop 6:
2-4 March
W/shop 7:
6-8 April
W/shop 9:
11 May

Included in cost:

  • A comprehensive Learner Guide per workshop per learner
  • An integrated Learner Workbook per workshop per learner
  • An electronic Assessment Guide to assist with the development of the Portfolio of Evidence per workshop
  • All hand-outs, pre-reading and pre-assessment materials and questionnaires
  • 1-day Orientation workshop
  • 1-day Portfolio building workshop
  • Assessment and moderation of the learner’s portfolio
  • Endorsement and certification with the ETDP SETA

Course Breakdown…

The VeryCoolIdeas workshops are scheduled on a monthly basis. This allows learners enough time to complete workshop assignments as well as prepare for the workshops by means of going through pre-reading and completing the pre-assessments.

Contact Details…

Local: 011 431 1504  /5/6  
International: + 27 11 4311504  /5/6

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