Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)


This programme provides you with skills to be able to work through the process of the legal requirements of a Skills Development Facilitator. We start with the establishment of the Training Committee, research required to complete and submit a Workplace Skills Plan, and move on to implementing the Workplace Skills Plan and keeping all required records on training conducted. We end by compiling and submitting the Annual Training Report enabling you to identify and propose opportunities for your organisation to adopt a learning culture.


Unit Standards

The following Unit Standards are covered during the skills workshop:

  • US 15221: Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues, NQF Level 5, 4 credits
  • US 15222: Promote a learning culture in an organisation, NQF Level 5, 3 credits
  • US 15217: Develop an organisational training and development plan, NQF Level 5, 6 credits
  • US 15232: Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation, NQF Level 5, 6 credits
  • US 15218: Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes, NQF Level 5, 4 credits
  • US 15227: Conduct skills development administration, NQF Level 4, 4 credits

Total credit value: 27 credits

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes covered during the skills workshop are:

  • Provide information on skills development, learning and assessment
  • Provide advice on the promotion of skills development
  • Plan, organise and conduct analysis to determine skills development needs
  • Develop a matrix of outcomes and a training and development plan
  • Plan and organise learning interventions
  • Coordinate and review learning interventions
  • Analyse, implement strategies to promote a learning culture within an organisation

Costs and Dates

TrainingCost per LearnerJan/Feb 2019Mar 2019Apr 2019May 2019Jun 2019Jul 2019Aug 2019Sep 2019Oct 2019Nov 2019Dec 2019Jan/Feb 2020Mar/Apr 2020May 2020
SDFR 6, 818.35 Inclusive of VAT25-28 Feb15-18 April3-6 June 16-19 Sep9-12 Dec

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