Training Management


This programme is on NQF Level 5 and gives you the skills to manage teams by adopting different leadership styles for the different stages of a team. To ensure a team functions to its full potential, it is important that aspects such as diversity and conflicts are managed proactively. We discuss recruiting the right people for the right job, performance contracts, performance appraisals and individual development plans.

Unit Standards (Total Credit Value: 34)

The following Unit Standards are covered during the skills workshop:

  • ID 15221: Build teams to meet set goals and objectives
  • ID 114925: Harness diversity and build on strengths of a diverse working environment
  • ID 15224: Empower team members through recognising strengths and encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks
  • ID 12140: Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions
  • ID 252043: Manage a diverse workforce to add value (* ID 15233 if part of the full National Diploma in OD-ETD Practices)
  • ID 114226: Interpret and manage conflict within the workplace

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes covered during the skills workshop are:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and process of team building in workplace activities
  • Obtain agreement from team members on objectives timeframes, rules and guidelines
  • Lead teams to complete workplace activities
  • Delegate tasks and review decisions and the progress with delegated tasks
  • Identity the nature of diversity in the working environment
  • Deal with disagreements and conflict arising from diversity amongst individuals and groups
  • Implement a strategy to resolve conflict
  • Develop the attributes of a good conflict manager

Public Dates

The public skills workshops will be facilitated on the following dates:

  • 4-7 March
  • 20-23 May
  • 8-11 July
  • 14-17 October
  • 9-12 March, 2020

Namibia only: 2-5 September (Cost for Namibia available on request)

Cost Per Learner

The following costs are applicable per learner:

  • Public Workshop: R7, 018.00 plus VAT @ 15% (R8, 070.70 VAT inclusive)
  • Distance Learning (Self Learning): R7, 018.00 plus VAT @ 15% (R8, 070.70 VAT inclusive) – T&Cs Apply
  • RPL: R1, 650.00 plus VAT @ 15% (R1, 897.50 VAT inclusive), per Unit Standard – T&Cs Apply

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