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  • National-Certificate-in-Education-and-Training-Development-Practices

    National Certificate: Occupationally directed Education, Training and Development Practices (OD-ETD)

    R27965,50R28465,50 Inc. VAT
  • National Diploma in Education and Training Development Practices

    National Diploma: Occupationally-directed Education, Training and Development Practices (OD-ETD)

    R25242,75 Inc. VAT
  • Analyse Training Needs

    Skills Programme: Analyse Training Needs

    R5445,00R5945,50 Inc. VAT
  • Develop Learning Materials

    Skills Programme: Develop Training Materials

    R6457,50R6957,50 Inc. VAT
  • Facilitate Learning

    Skills Programme: Facilitate Learning

    R5066,00R5566,00 Inc. VAT
  • Assessor Skills Programme

    Skills Programme: Assess Learning

    R4054,00R4554,00 Inc. VAT
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skill Programme

    Skills Programme: Coach and Mentor Learning

    R4054,00R4554,00 Inc. VAT
  • Moderate Learning

    Skills Programme: Moderate Learning

    R4054,00R4554,00 Inc. VAT
  • Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)

    Skills Programme: Skills Development Facilitator

    R6318,35R6818,35 Inc. VAT
  • RPL Advisor

    RPL Advisor

    R5066,00R5566,00 Inc. VAT
  • Training Management

    Training Management

    R7570,00R8070,70 Inc. VAT
  • National Certificate in Generic Management

    National Certificate in Generic Management ID 59201: Learning Programme 60269

    R28000,00 Inc. VAT

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