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We like the personal approach – but before we meet and greet, we should explain that we are driven by passion, motivated by excellence and committed to quality. Our management team has a depth of experience in the skills development field that is unrivalled. Our staff comprises of trainers that have enjoyed working with us for over six years. This is a rare find in an industry known for high staff churn rates and is attributable to VeryCoolIdeas’ commitment to staff welfare, fostering positive values within the business and continually developing and improving staff member’s.

Now without further ado, let’s introduce you to the team.

Kim Dry-Courtois

Inspired Leader

Inspired leader. Kim is the founder of VeryCoolIdeas and has infused the business with her own brand of enthusiasm and professionalism. Discovering her calling for training and development early in her career, Kim has successfully completed several national and international qualifications in Education, Training and Development and is constantly looking for newand exciting ways to make learning a fantastic and empowering experience. Kim is passionate about outcomes-based learning and assessment and was one of the very first assessors be trained in South Africa.

Claude Courtois

Quality, not quantity.

Hailing from a retail management background, where he developed his passion for skills development and training, Claude brings a wealth of valuable experience to the VeryCoolIdeas team. His commitment and passion for delivering service excellence and quality products has become an obsession! As the Business Development Director, Claude has the ideal role to flex his impressive skills in relationship building and quality control.

Facilitators and support staff

Our experienced and highly motivated team of facilitators and support staff are all about creating learning experiences that are nothing short of very cool. Every member’s area of expertise contributes towards the VeryCoolIdeas philosophy of providing learners with the opportunity to discover the power of their potential. Meet the team that helps make it happen. READ MORE

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