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"To succeed as a team is to hold all of the members accountable for their own expertise" - CEO E-trade Inc

kim-claude-compnay-profileVeryCoolIdeas presents a compelling solution to the skills development challenges faced by organisations in Southern Africa. Our purpose is to deliver skills development and related training programmes that empowers trainers, educators and development practitioners with the expertise and materials to grow the abilities of organisation staff members who in turn immediately produce exceptional results in their occupations. This is critical to improving staff retention rates through successful development and driving increases in performance that directly affects the bottom line.

Fully accredited with the ETDP Sector Education and Training Authority, VeryCoolIdeas offers a myriad of Assessment, Moderation and various OD-EDTP training programmes against the registered unit standards and qualifications. In addition, VeryCoolIdeas not only provides services  that ‘train the trainer’ but we also develop management teams, assess and recognize prior learning, establish learnership centres, assist other training providers, raise HIV Aids awareness and much more.

VeryCoolIdeas has established itself as a key player in the skills development market by providing a high quality of service at cost effective rates, through experienced staff members that have been with the business for more than eight years. This is a rare find in an industry known for high staff churn rates and is attributable to VeryCoolIdeas’ commitment to staff welfare, fostering positive values within the business and continually developing and improving its own staff members. As an equal opportunities employer, VeryCoolIdeas is proud to have achieved a Level 4 Contributor BEE compliancy rating.

VeryCoolIdeas has developed long-standing relationships with several Alliance Partners, successfully teaming up on numerous projects
with great success. These partners include Masive Community Developers, Omega Performance and Cowan International.

With eyes firmly fixed on the goal of leading the skills development market, VeryCoolIdeas works together with organisations to harness the Power of Potential.

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