The Culture of Cool

Cool inside…

VeryCoolIdeas strives to live the ‘Culture of Cool’. It is a philosophy that guides and empowers us. Cool on the inside means clear, calm and collected. Organised. Without chaos and definitely in control.

VeryCoolIdeas staff are professional, intelligent, reliable and passionate. On the outside, Cool is contemporary, inspired, awesome. Doing great things and achieving great results.

Our Culture of Cool comprises five key principles in which we believe profoundly. Our goal is to instill all of our work with these principles, delivering so much more than expected and fostering the same values and beliefs in our candidates.

…Cool out

globe-knowledge Knowledge is the power we draw from our continued investment in tools, techniques and methods. It provides with the potential to reach new heights and excel in our field.

globe-passionPassion drives us and keeps us focused. It is the reason we enjoy a deep satisfaction when we succeed and it is the energy that picks us up when we stumble so that we may try again.

globe-commitmentCommitment is a pledge we have made to ourselves and to our stakeholders that we will meet or exceed expectations and offer a reliable service, time and time again.

globe-growthGrowth changes us for the better. We encourage the development of new skills and the nurturing of talent to drive positive change in teh lives of all our stakeholders.

globe-qualityQuality is a promise that is often made and seldom delivered upon. With this foremost in our minds we work tirelessly to ensure that our services are above and beyond our stakeholders standards.

What we do

Now that you know all about us, find out what we do…

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