Our Partners


Mind-the-Gap is a successful, fully accredited quality Skills Development and Services Provider with the aim to provide practical solutions in assisting organisations & individuals reach their full potential through training, career development and managing & retaining talent.  Our offerings include bespoke learning journeys as well as accredited full and part qualifications, skills programmes, future focused short and CPD courses.

We have over 18 years’ experience in customer centric, management, supervision, project management and the entrepreneurial space and our focus has always been to create opportunity through skills development.

Atlegang Social Intelligence


Atlegang Social Intelligence is a Skills Development, CSI and B-BBEE advisory solutions provider, they operate through a wide network of experts who provide a diverse portfolio of skills, expertise and business perspectives. 

As enablers of responsible corporate citizenship, they are committed to empowering their clients to make the greatest impact possible through CSI, Skills Development and B-BBEE advisory. 

Atlegang is a B-BBEE Level 1 contributor with 100% black female ownership.

Cowan International


Cowan International is one of the world’s top providers of multinational personnel to the global resources, engineering and construction industries. Their clients represent some of the largest companies in the world, and Cowan provides them with a truly global recruitment service for their projects and operations. Cowan are a trans-national company with a worldwide team of expert recruiters and support staff stationed at offices in South Africa, Canada, India and USA.

VeryCoolIdeas and Cowan International have entered into a formal Service Level Agreement and have teamed up for several successful projects over the last 2 years, including: French Training in a variety of French speaking countries within Africa.


The Apave group is a leading specialist in helping firms and organisations to optimise their functioning through Risk Management and Professional Training. The Apave group is an essential player in many fields including consulting and professional training as well as project development relating to standards & regulations and quality of products & systems. Apave provides these services worldwide in many business sectors including Training & Development.

VeryCoolIdeas and Apave Indian Ocean have entered into a formal Memorandum of Understanding whereby VeryCoolIdeaswill train, develop and provide training support and expertise to Apave trainers who will in turn use the VeryCoolIdeas training methods to train their clients.

Apave Risk Management
Creative Crew


Creative Crew is a 100% BEE Training and Marketing solutions company, established in the year 2006. They provide solutions for the Film, Television, FMCG, Automotive and Manufacturing industries.

Creative crew is led by a team of dynamic, creative, innovative professionals with solid experience in Broadcasting, Marketing and Communications.

They specialize in e-Learning content creation and distribution, Digital Signage, Interactive Media, Video production and Print media.